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Please post the actual links to the Yahoo page, the online lessons and the guild website.  That helps people find their way around to all the resources available to them.  You've done a great job with FLASAH, the largest group of leatherworkers on Yahoo, but I think some people might not be aware of the other info you've encouraged people to share that's online.  Looking forward to seeing you in 2012 in Nashville for the IFoLG show!
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Especially those who've joined in the past year or 2.
Many members use the e-mail (question & answer) forum to "learn" their leathercraft.
You should make it a habit to visit the group's site itself. There are many photo albums, AND lesson plans, plus the Files and other listings will help you advance your craft.
Leathercraft is JUST LIKE playing the guitar (or any musical instrument.)
You gotta do it EVERY day to progress. And practice requires "copying" work by those who came before you. F.O. Baird, then Ken Griffin, then Al Stohlman, now George Hurst, Jim Linnell, and Tony Laier are the "pros" that inspire. Then add style. Dang, where to go?

Dave Howell

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Free Leather Artisans Sharing a Hobby is the public list supported by the membership of the South Central Leather crafters Guild.   It is just one of the ways we will support leather crafters and promote Leather craft.  Membership in the guild is open to anyone interested in Leathercraft and Guild info can be found through the links section of this lists web site.

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